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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to Ciclo?

Transfer service for riders and bikes is included in the price from Malaga airport which is served by a choice of airlines. The transfer time is 2hrs. For Malaga arrivals we ask that riders choosing a weekly itinerary arrive up to 13:00 hours on a Saturday (please contact us before booking flight arrivals and departures outside this schedule. For Malaga departures a check in time around midday or later would be advisable.) for the group collection service returning to the Alpujarras. Car hire and bus services available from either airport for people requiring more flexibility.

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What is the best way to transport our bikes?

If you have not travelled with your bike before, it is easy enough to do. Most airlines now require the bike to be transported in a bag or box which can either be be purchased or hired from most bike shops , they can also advise you on packing your bike correctly. A custom built trailer and mini bus will collect you from the airport in Spain.

What type of bike set up would be best?

We have riders out on all types of mounts, including (admittedly rare) fully rigid. Ideally a full suspension all day trail bike with disc brakes would be ideal, but a hard tail with front suspension will suffice. If it is a bike that you have been riding for a while and you are comfortable with then that is fine.

The most important factor being that it is in good working order. Make sure that you have ridden your bike at least once prior to your trip, especially after servicing / new parts fitted etc. checking that everything is working properly. One common mistake is to fit a new chain on old sprockets ( out of mesh) or turn up with a fractured frame. It all sounds like beginners stuff but it happens frequently and can make all the difference for a faff free holiday.

What kind of tyres are best?

Although not obligatory, we recommend dual ply tubeless tyres (with latex liquid) to cope with the cactus thorns that litter the trails, and cause those annoying 'slowies'. When riding in large groups this has a significant difference in keeping the rides flowing sweetly. You need not necessarily change over to tubeless rims totally, just purchase the rim strips to convert your standard rims( www.notubes.com ), along with UST tyres and latex. We have successfully used this system for ten years.

What is the recommended daily trail kit?

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