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Photo of Marco

Mark Papworth AKA Marco

Rides: Turner RFX.

Used to be: MX rider, Bike courier, Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Category winner Andalucian MB championship 2000, Subcampeon in category El Limite marathon 2008.

What is he doing here?: Logistics, routemeister, OTC Technical trail leader, First aider, Scooby bus pilot and loading the dishwasher while everyone else has gone to the bar.

Fav pitstop drink: Cafe con leche.

Fav pitstop food: Not roadkill soup.

Claim to fame: Whilst working as a bike courier, delivered a package to Michael Caine. Not a lot of people know that!

Photo of Jacky

Jacky AKA Jaquelina

Rides: Turner Flux.

Used to be: Accounts manageress.

What is she doing here?: The hub of Ciclomontana. She's here, she's there, she's everywhere, Admin, accounts, cook, cleaner, guide, first aid, mini bus transfers. Also very good at the broom handle trick.

Fav pitstop drink: La mumba.

Fav pitstop food: Menu 2 in the Abuxarra.

Claim to fame: Winning the Castell- Rubite hill climb - womens category.

Fav ciclo trail: B.O.D. (back of the disco).

Photo of Matt

Matt AKA Matt the Masseur

Rides: Radon Swoop.

Used to be: Trauma nurse, Punk rocker.

What is he doing here?: Sports therapist , masseur, chiropractor, keeps those aching muscles and limbs functioning.

Fav pitstop drink and food: Hasn't got time, got to get back for the kids.

Claim to fame: Beating Leo in the 'Limite' Enduro.

Fav ciclo trail: Superenduro.

photo of guide ascending switchbacks